If you follow our online presence AT ALL, you probably saw that we are releasing new music (If not, check out the three songs we released so far: She Says, Zu Spät and Fake News).

To bring you all up to date: We have a new EP called „She Says“ coming out on April 5th 2019. So before the release (in 6 days!!!!), I thought it might be nice to share a couple of words about it. So here we go:


Okay elephant in the room, let's address you first. All I can say is: 2nd album pressure is real.

The success of our debut album „In My Head“ was so unexpected. And „success“ is a weird thing: Because as soon as you get more „successful“, you will be increasingly surrounded by people who are used to even bigger success than yours and who will, voluntarily or involuntarily, put your achievements „into perspective“ – their perspective that is.

I can only speak for myself here but all of this has been super hard on me.

Midway through our last festival summer, I struggled getting out of bed whenever we weren't on the road. Things were going great on the outside, but on the inside, we started arguing more and more with our team, and sadly also with each other. Suddenly it was hard to reach any common ground... so yeah, we definitely got a bit lost in the process. It also didn’t help to be the most sensitive person on the planet who gets deeply hurt by ANYTHING and NOTHING.

So these are some honest words about why everything has been taking SO FUCKING LONG. But with the release of this new EP, I hope we can FINALLY shake all that pressure off and look ahead into the future.

This is the EP cover we designed together our long friend and visual collaborator Marco Leitermann. He also shot the cover of In My Head.

This is the EP cover we designed together our long friend and visual collaborator Marco Leitermann. He also shot the cover of In My Head.


To me, our new EP „She Says“ is that cathartic moment. It's about building up the courage to say what you think. It's about female leadership. It's about tears instead of raising your voice or fist. It's about doing what feels right. It's about wanting to be heard. It's about wanting to be believed. It's about wanting to be listened to. It's about what she says, really.

So yes, maybe keep that in the back of your mind when you listen to the 7 songs we compiled on this record. I would love to get more into detail about what it was like recording the songs, the technical aspects of it, sounds we used, the songwriting, the lyrics etc. But I had to get the emotional part off my chest first.

I truly hope this record bring you the same relieve that it brings to me. Sometimes you need to say some stuff before you can move on. This record feels like that to me.

Header Picture by the amazing Miriam Marlene. Follow her on Instagram for more inspiration: @miriam_marlene