HALLO!!! At 3.30 am I will get up to catch an early morning flight to NOC which is in the west of Ireland and we're playing a festival called SEA SESSIONS.

This is how we imagine it, like an Ed Sheeran song.

We've been playing some Festivals lately and are ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH IT. For 2 or 3 days we feel like we matter and with the avid support of our life save Marco Leitermann we get up in the mornings to drive to another Germany city playing with the other German bands and are thankful for getting booked everywhere because obviously we kind of fall out of the german indie mainstream. We spend so much time on the road and I really like, like when marco leitermann is driving, i put on this song and he starts jamming:


At one of the Festivals Laura and Marco were dancing and shouting heavily to this German band who was once the trendy shit in the indie hype and they played their last show. Also, when we drove the car to the hotel, they BLASTED this song and screamed at the guitar player who was standing outside. i i was sliding down on my seat to not be recognized. there was a swimming pool at the hotel. marco leiterman said he went swimming but up until this day i am not sure if this was true or not. back at the festival, traumzeit festival, we drank moscow mules and hung out in the backstage of the bigger bands, like milky chance, and just hanging out until everyone left because thats how much we suck!


the weekend before we played kosmonaut festival. laura and I got soooo tired because we thought a moscow mule would help the mood but just made us tired. i took the initiative and put A LOT OF FOOD in my belly, they had really good catering, and stayed at the festival to catch this guy for example, who i didnt know, and now i pretend i'm a fan. dis is how the next gurr album is gonna sound:


so on tour a few things happened like i saw stonehenge out from the car window, the german band bilderbuch replied to an insta story of ours, arte tracks aired AND NOW AT KOSMONAUT i really managed to stay awake to walk to the drunken masters set and catch ALL OF MY FAVORITE HAYITI SONGS. hayiti is a german rap artist . i KNOW I SHOULD POST THE SONG WE LISTENED TO EMBARASSINGLY OFTEN yung hurns bianco but i won't instead i will post...... let me think. this one, because we stayed in this really nice hotel and it made me think of that one time i was touring with a band and slept in Antwerpen on an air mattress next to my friend and we tried not to move because the air was going out really quick but there was a cat who would jump on the mattress all night and we would rock back and forth while trying to sleep.

I love this because usually I try to make serious playlists with actual cool music but guess what i listen to all of this all the time. except the ed sheeran song maybs. Another guilty pleasure of us on tour is the new Katy Perry stuff. Also we recorded some songs for the Antikörper Session, a show on the hamburg based radio BYTE FM and one of them starts with some lyrics out of this song... yeah GAIIISSS:


ok so tomorrow morning we are flying to Ireland. This band here is so awesome they are helping us out with guitars and backline and wish us luck that easyjet will bless our hand luggage - guitars.


ANYWAYS we feel pretty weird in all of this touring cycle and there are so many cool shows we can announce soon which makes us really happy because we love music. So Laura and I are in the practice room every day from morning til afternoon to work on some shit and it's a real challenge, because the room doesnt have any windows. Also we're like with each other all the time and I know I have my moods really bad and am thanksful we somehow manage to bounce them off. thanks laura <3. so this song i listen too when i feel i was a shit person again:

 I guess because when we were in Brighton and we played this event of our distributor and it was only Laura and me and it was really busy day because I had to buy new underwear and we had a soundcheck in the morning and we went there and rhys, their drummer, gave us bananas and nuts so we wouldnt faint. I just reread this and thought I wrote "so we wouldnt fart". also legit


The last song is unrelated but I can see myself listening to this on the train to the airport tonight because Ive been listening to it all day and my flatmate and friend Roland, who is instagram famous and currently out singing karaoke, showed me this 2 days ago and I was like "yeah whatever" but then relistened and im BLOWN. it's really cheezy, and i like it.