Well hello there, finally we meet again.

This lazy bum over here waited 20 days to fill you in on the very exciting and also adventurous life that has been the last chunk of the UK Tour / beginning of the German Festival Summer (how uncool does that actually sound from 1 to 10 and yea dont really wanna know cuz we enjoy it actually acutally actually personally)


We had some off days after our crazy Thursday in Brighton. Laura flew to a wedding. Andreya flew home. Sals and Bra Bra stayed in the UK with their partners to enjoy the real British life. Laura and Andreya flew from Berlin to Reading (seperately, long story. not my fault). I can only speak for myself here and I just want to say that my backpack broke and I could only carry it on one shoulder and also that I had a very rough time in Berlin and barely slept but STILL made it to Reading like soft butter that would softly run over boiled eggs if both of them ever did that to each other.

Notable to that show, and I spare you dirty details that you will probably read in our autobiography in 10 years when we need money, was a crazy lady that danced very crazy during the yonaka set and then was thrown out of the venue. I think it was also because I saw a lot of people holding on to their bags very closely when they noticed she's in the room


Remember when we tried to have an off day at a beach site? And it failed? Because it had a street that eroded and you couldnt enter the shore? And a person we love nearly cried because it was disappointing?

Bournemouth made up for all of this. We had an off days at this beautiful naked woman I call the city of Bournemouth and we took the ferris wheel, where sally and I cried because we are afraid of heights, and we sat down at the beach and smoked.... and sang songs and then we ate TERRIBLE CURRY AGAIN!!!!! loved it.

mostly i loved that we met a girl called rowan allen who takes beautiful pictures and we will take her with us more often now.



This is a rough one. Although we have told this story to many of our friends now it's still pretty moving. A lot of times after this show, whenever we played Moby Dick with only two guitars, I got reminded of that moment and thrown back into that vulnerabilty. We got informed that our set falls into the time of a minute of silence and a minute of noise to remember the victoms of the terror attack in Manchester. We didnt really know what to do. But when it was 21.59 we still didnt know what to do. So we kind of said ok we're gonna do this and what should we do and let's all just sit down. And the whole room sat down with us. And everyone was completely silent. And something very strange hit us all i dont know I just really had to cry, and Laura too, who sat opposite to me. And when we got up my voice broke from crying and people started cheering and Laura started singing dont look back in anger but i dont really know the lyrics so i was just shouting i guess. dont remember. that was really beautiful.




then we partied until 5 in the morning. i guess there was something we had to release.



All I remember is that I thought I couldn't play a show at 3pm and everyone still felt drunk. Turned out to be one of the funnest and best shows, we definitely paid a price - Laura and I became the queen of snots. Just really gross. Sore throat. But I thought I'm just gonna ignore it and so forth I lived.



I think this is where the fuck up happened. Oh no actually I started the fuck up in Bristol and then Karma continued. So when very hungover I book our hotel room. For the wrong day. And there was nothing available in Bristol. So we stayed somewhere on the way to Nottingham. Then Laura forgot to leave the room key with the hotel. So after our Nottingham set we drove back to the hotel near Bristol and then all the way to London. And in between we played a set and ate goat with rice, except Laura who is vegetarian and ate a veggie wrap. We ate Gelato! Salted caramel. I didn't like mine. Otherwise I had a very nice day.


Laura and I spend our off day sick and ill and in the studio! We were invited for a test recording at a studio in Soho and recorded a new track, which went away nicely and we talked and recorded and sat in the studio basement for 7h until we ran out of Aspirin and then we went to Jamie Olivers restaurant because when it was our birthday our label angel Grant Box and his crew gave us a voucher for the restaurant. We went there in hoodies and caps because we were gross and ill and I wiped my nose in this restaurant like there was no end BUT THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD!!!! thank you. the only thing that made us wonder was why there were crisps with the potatos.

Our show was really cool but really dont know what else to write because every show is us playing music and i dont wanna bore you with the details about how brilliantly I played those power chords. However, our booker jamie showed up and told me I should rub garlic on my feet to get rid of my cold! he wasnt joking. but i didnt do it.

Last day in London we had an off day and met friends and just hung out in the city which was nice. Then we drove to.............



We played a headline show in Bielefeld, a festival in Lüneburg and Beverungen. The Bielefeld show was crazy because THE CATERING WAS SO NICE and we met German fans which made us realize we actually have been around as a band before going to the UK. Lüneburg was very drunk but very beautiful and Marco joined us and he is the sweetest. Beverungen was very hungover but the sweetest people and a beautiful end of this mothereffing 35 day long tour - very beautiful. "you guys look rough today" said my friend eva, but we only partied twice hard on this tour, and then we drove home to berlin on the same day, and I came home and realized my subletter hasnt packed up his things yet. shruggie



photo credit Laura Gertken

first picture of gallery karsten hohage

last photo rowan allen