Hey Babes,

this is what we've been up to AS MUCH AS I MIGHT REMEMBER wrong or right


We met two young student bois outside after the show who actually had to study for exams but came to the show and then became fans - they said they couldnt imagine anything better than going on tour in a TINY van (guys i still have to show you the penis picture we should take with yonaka cuz their van is awesome, and ours like a small poop LOL) but then we told them about constipation and public restrooms

(wow did I ever tell you about the most terrible toilette i've ever seen - Sally and I had to pee really bad on the Autobahn and we went to one of these German "u shall never go there" restrooms on parking spaces and one of the cabins looked like something really really bad you wanna make unseen but you can't except with laughing really hard... it was a feast and explosion of semi solid poop all over the three squaremeters. fucking insane)


We had the worst Curry of our lives for an insane mount of money (Preis Leistungs Verhältnis) the guy forgot the RICE and the curry looked like something a baby would shit (same consistency). was lying heavy in our stomachs, I didnt really touch mine. then we drank bad red wine but a guy bought us a round of Jägerbombs, which I didnt realize is a Jägerbomb. It was a really fun show.


Now I really gotta get it together. I think we made a really good joke "Is Damon Albarn from St. Albans?"


Bedford, oh Bedford. We had a surprise visit from Benny from Berlin because we stole his Boyfriend to go on tour with us. We had a super fun night with Yonaka and now that we know all their lyrics by heart could also embarrassingly shout them. After that we went to a gay bar to sing karaoke which we thought was really good until the next days instagram story recap should teach us a lesson. Major fun. First night in a Travellodge; next day we sat in an Italian place and the woman from the registration sat next to us.


Laura and I were like "let's poster and flyer around" so we went to a copy shop and made some flyer and posters and hung them illegally just like a proper Banksy and then we went around to annoy the shit out of people. Seriosuly did you ever make a facebook sponsored post? in real life it all gets back to you.

Us: "HEY" (big smile) we're playing a show tonight at the Cellar, we came all the way from Berlin!

Person: no thank u

As the only person in the group I got pretty drunk because I don't know but after Yonaka was shining with screaming 99 Luftballoons we took them on stage for hollaback girl and then a lot of girls followed and jumped with us on stage.


Here are two pictures I found nice, the first one is for every single person that called me flat chested in the past or no-boob-girl or was shittily saying how i cant have cleavage like just look at my boob here please. Second is of crazy little party girl Laura who i love dearly and she's at a formal dinner with Kim right now, where a choir singing or something and then everyone eats and laughs really loud sometimes when you say something dry or polite or you just mistake one for another.

Tomorrow we are in GUILDFORD and it will be a blast like always. A lot of love. This is a really fun tour. I'm trying to bleach my tips right now. I sit on an air mattress. Listening to new HEKLA album. Credit: Mc Kay Photography