Ay mate

don't know if this is how people greet each other here but I am guessing. We've done three lil shows in the last days. Generally. You can imagine, just as in Germany or the States, the UK has its entirely own music scene. Indie music here is BIG. So when in Germany crap bands like die Lochis (are they a band?) are winning music awards, here it's effin amazin bands (most of the time). In Newcastle, Leeds and Glasgow we played Festivals. The best occasion to dip into what's hip and trending right now in the UK, and it's crazy.

We told you guys we went to see the Sleaford Mod's documentary, which is already a good example- It's brillian and it got big, I really can't see that happening in Germany. In Newcastle we played Hit the North Festival. After, we went to check out... wait I actually have memory loss. Ah no, we went to check out Ulrike Spacek, Laura's new favorite band. They are uh-mazeing. Check it here:


Then, Brandon Sally and I tried to catch our catering food, burritos. But we arrived 1 minute too late (literally) and they claimed to "have run out of food". So we ate Subways on a Cathedral's steps. It was gross and I shall never sin again.

Then we went to meet the others and suddenly a SWARM of SUPER YOUNG super naked and wasted and crazy teenagers is hitting us - walking away from the big 02 academy concert thingy. And then we heard Laura and Arne saying "omgggg this was crazzyyyy the crowd went nuuuuts was so crazzyyy" so this is the hippest band right now in the UK - SLAVES.


In Leeds we played at Live at Leeds and saw Temples (which everyone knows.) in a church, and that was truly an experience. Before that, everyone else checked out Magic Gang, which I personally don't like, but I'm trying to stay objective of course, so here you go:


We played at Brudenell Social Club and there were other nice bands to catch. For example Dream Wife:


and Moonlandingz


In GLASGOW we said hi to cows next to a gas station and enjoyed the insane landscape of vast green deserts with baby sheep and old sheep. We enjoyed the Glasgow dialect, Glasgow sun but truly had the best time at Stag & Dagger Festival. We played the venue Broadcast and it was the best fit and the funnest show so far, regardless the feedback on stage that seems to follow us around these days.



We caught Girl Ray after us and danced.... They are so cool and I tried to convince Laura that I fully believe the singer sounds like an UK Nico, which she just responded to with a smile (like "ja ja") BUT I SWEAR LIVE IT EVEN SOUNDS MORE LIKE NICO.


Hightlight of the night was not Gold Panda, whose show was sadly barely attended and also a little weird, but HMLTD were the queens and kings of the night. IF YOU EVER HAVE THE CHANCE TO CATCH THEM DO IT DO IT WITHOUT HESITATION


Driving out of Glasgow, I shit you not, we probably drove at least 15 roundabouts. Hence, I find them noteworthy in the headline.

Today we play Cambridge.

Talk to you soon