Hey Folks 

UK Tour is going strong so far. We have the best time, which I personally think is CRAZY because today marks DAY 21 of tour (update May 23rd: sry I wrote this actually some days ago, now it's been longer but nice to see i was so excited).... What the actual fuck. Laura and mine and Brandon's longest tour was 19 days. We officially surpassed that one tour where we thought it's easy breezy to drive and play in Germany Austria Switzerland and Italy in 19 days. At least now it's 21 days in UK. 

What's been going on? Last time (blog entry) we were in Oxford. So. 

We realized handing out Flyers DID help. Anyways let's start in Guildford. As always only the Highlights except you want 13 sentences about how the middle seat in the car sucks because your knees get stiff and there's only cold air coming from the bottom.


We met Poppy and her friend after the show and Laura invented her new favorite swear word called Fickschnitzel and let them learn it and then they took a thousands of snapchat selfies with us but we don't even use snapchat anymore I think. Also I got ID'd in the supermarket and didn't have it on me and had to walk away like i'm 14 years old which I might be.


Wowsa Plymouth was so pretty with its harbor (it's actually called something else but I always refer to it as a harbor. Always. Like the many times of the year I'm in Plymouth). We played with Young Adventurers, and it so happens that our friend Lande's sister is playing bass! So Lande from Muncie Girls came by too which was super cool because she's smart and funny and the most badass person anyways so check them out. We slept at her friend's Rory's place in Exeter and then went to the most impressive Wetherspoons called The Imperial which looked IMPERIAL. 


I have to admit I had a minor anxiety attack in Birmingham because of reasons that are only in my head and irrational. If anyone has good advice for calming yourself down when you're spiraling down stupid thoughts, let me know. Birmingham was the most beautiful venue ever. It looked like, I'm quoting Laura here, a Cuban Speakeasy. Plants and fabric on the ceilings everywhere. It' sooooo prettttyyyyy.... Birmingham was the first time I smoked weed because I never do because somehow hate it and don't understand it (maybe because it doesn't do much to me) and then at midnight Arne Sally Brandy I went to a chicken place that had 10 employees and no customers. It was super gross fried chicken with mint mayo which was gross to but we loved it. Later at night I felt like I hurt my body from the inside. We slept in a hostel room that held 6 people and we are 5. But when we came in we saw a foreign suitcase under a bed. And this was the beginning of one of our unruliest nights - a random drunk guy and his friend stumbling in and out of the room. We shrugged it off the next day by booking a Ibis Budget hotel room, run by our friend Gabi Ibis's Dad.


LEEESSSSTTTEEERRRR What a venue! So fresh and hip and clean! Yonaka had single release that day. We met someone from Vienna. Hi there! She's gonna come to Nottingham to, where we play Dot to Dot Festival.


This was the weirdest so far. It was so weird. Everything was weird on stage, we had some monitor problems and I stumbled over everything and then Laura tried to do some guitar moves which i didn't understand and i just put my butt in her body and she tripped/fell over me, I was under her, she fell into the drums. Proper Gurr show tho.


We booked a trailer at the Sea one hour away from York, which was the date after our off day. It's like American suburbia just in an English trailer park. 

What was then???? Let me check the calendar.

It's May 23rd now and I am in a Starbucks (hit me) in READING and I made it here all by myself, after some really weird/eventful days in Berlin and my backpack strap broke which I actually only realized this morning - I mean i realized I now have to take it back like this. 


was the best. There is nothing more to day (until I will talk about the great escape show which was then the best). We saw Marika Hackman play, who performed under the secret name "talentless skanks" and we didn't know the band before, so we were 100% mind blown because they are aw-e-soöm--m-e-e-e-e-e-.



This will feature a special headline just because I want to and this blog entry is already super long AND I am too lazy to put in pictures so I make it a lil adventurous like this.

Brighton oh brighton. When Laura and I were small little puppies and tried to think what to do in our very first semester break we booked flights to the UK. In Brighton we stayed the longest and we've returned. Because the town is so charming and cool. It just has the best vibe. Actually after that trip we started Gurr. So for us it was a little trip down memory lane / throwback to our honeymoon. I had so much BOCK for Great Escape because we were only playing Thursday and then also 4 shows.


9am  soundcheck. Lord knows how we did this after "sleeping" in the luxurious hostel called grapevine seafront aka cat brothel. 

9.30 soundcheck goes well and we are all super excited for the day

11 am laura and andi are buying underwear / other stuff because tour

1 pm laura and andi are playing at the Red Eye Distribution party at the blue man and are meeting Gothic Tropic the most loveliest/funniest musicians. Laura and Andi pee their pants so hard because it's a stripped down set and they mostly play new songs and that was very hard.

1.30 Laura and Andi drink a cider

3.30 Laura and Andi go to Sticky Mikes to meet Sally and Brandon. 

3.30 We play the show, right before they play Paramore's "Hard Times" which I first hated but now love

4.00 the show is fukien insannnnneeeneneneenen thanks to all the German Popbüros for inviting us

5.20pm Soundcheck at The Green Door Store. Seeing Gothic Tropic again because we all play the cool venues.

6 pm Interview with Amazing Radio

7.15 pm We run to The Joker to play the Teen Creeps show . we get electrocuted by the microphones which is unacceptable. Guys get your sound shit straight, really.

9.15 pm We play at the Green Door store. It's cramped and full and sweaty and hot and we play like we've been playing for 21 days and then 4 times a day which we did. It was really good (i hate saying that because it sounds shit but I didn't hit a wrong note, thats my achievement). When we had to cut the set short because WE TALKED SO MUCH LIKE WE THOUGHT ITS FUNNY AND SO ON the crowd was on our side. But the venue didn't give a shit (of course, thats cool)


Midnight   Laura went to bed because she went to a wedding the next day. I went to Karaoke with sals her BF brandon and his GF. I signed up for Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl. The band SLOTFACE was playing as a live backing band. After the second beer I felt I couldn't do it anymore, I was so so s os os os sososososososoosososo exhausted. Sally and her BF told me the next day that 5 mins after i left my name was called.





ok there was no food or sex in this blog i mainly wrote it as a clickbait

trying out different clickbaits

maybe will go into social media advising soon

Today we play reading


if you really read all of this god bless you and i hope you will have a brilliant day. now let me look for a fffff foto for the header.