Hi, this is Andreya. We thought i'd be nice to use this ZINE to update y'all how our tour is going, since on the poster it just looks like GURR UK TOUR - so here we're filling the blanks and don't care for proper punctuation. 

After three days of driving (Berlin - Frankfurt, Frankfurt - London, London - Sheffield), 27 pee pee breaks and a sea sick ferry later we arrived in Sheffield for our first show! The Picture House used to be a storage for furniture and has been transformed to a cultural space, holding a movie theater and a venue/ pizza place / bar in one. It looks a little run down - because the city is actually interested in tearing it down. But the Sheffield's volunteers are building up the space. 

So yesterday we arrived in the cold, couldn't open any doors, snuck in the back entrance and loaded in. We met the Yonaka people, which were reaaaalllyyy nice, which is already a good sign for this tour, and hung out in the cold backstage (not as cold as the backstage in Brighton, which - i am sure - must have been actually a meat freezer or something):


After some ping pong and Pizza we had one of the most tiring soundchecks, but then most fun show, because a lot of things went wrong (my pedals went off, Laura's strap fell, there was feedback on the stage, no monitors) so we just started laughing about it and enjoying the randomness of things (life). And we met Charlotte from The Subways and her husband again - she has seen us in Salzburg (she was DJing after our show) and lives in Sheffield - we were super surprised and happy she came to see us!!. 

Now, Laura and Arne - who is our tour manager/merch/FRIEND/driver on tour - are off to Chesterfield's countryside to explore it with Charlotte, while Brandon is sleeping on the floor (it's 2pm) and Sally and I are in the kitchen doing Laptop-stuff. 

Today we have an off-day, so later we will go and see the Sleaford Mods documentary "Bunch of Kunst" by Christine Franz, who also did the Arte Tracks piece on us that will be shown on...wait for it..... Arte! in May!  

Tomorrow we play Newcastle!

PS: Sheffield, home of Robin Wood? Because Robin Hood's actual overweight evil twin brother was leaning against the crooked tower of Chesterfield back in the days and ever since then Sheffield was known to be home of Robin Wood.