Münster, 07.12.2017

It's been a long, loooooong loooooooooooong time since I last set foot into this virtual realm.

Last date of a "zine" entry was June 23rd. Today is December 7th. We have been on tons of festivals and a support tour after and then started our own European tour right after - starting with Iceland Airwaves, going to Amsti, Paris, UK, Düsseldorf, Austria, Switzerland........... and now we're on tour in Germany. Am I going to write about every day?

Let me think about it for a second. Right now Brandon is checking is stand-tom so realistically I will have 10 more minutes so he can check his full set then 5 min until sally check's the bass and then 2 minz for Lauras guitar and then it will be my turn, so probably not. I will probably have even less time. As of right now, I am wasting time that I could have spent on telling you the secrets of German's n1 boy band Kraftklub or how cold Iceland really was and how many times I had to take antibiotics

Also, we have spent all of September in the practice room and studio in Berlin to work on our second alb um - so THATS whats UUUUUPPPP. If you hear new songs in our sets now that are not on Furry Dream and not on In My Head (as a super nice lady yesterday pointed out) it's our new babies. And she said she likes the new songs they are more "metal"

Rowan, who is the most badass photographer, is joining us on tour again. I don't know if you remember her back from Episode 5 "Gurr Goes to Latitude" where we brought her along after having met her at our show in Bournemouth. So she just asked if we have face wipes. This is literally the headline of this tour. The tour before was called "no beer / tee / or drink of your desire left behind". This tour does not have a name but do you have face wipes really breaks it down - at least for me, the most unorganized gurrscout in this travelparty.

Everyone brought along: a suitcase and a bag. Not only did I leave the suitcase I own in my old flat, I also broke it by not using it for a long time and also not caring it broke, so it's not usable. I also left my big backpack that my parents gave me. So I am travelling wiht a little Nike sports bag that people use for sports but I use for LIFE, and a grey tote bag, and then I have two little extra tote bags in case i feel like i wanna be organised. Like organise the tote bags in the big tote bags. A piggy commander tote bag and a blue tote bag. Once designated for holding my dirty laundry they now became home to various states of travelling: "stuff i take to the venue bag" "stuff I dont need bag" "stuff I dont need but put one item in there that i need so i do need to take the whole bag with me"

Guys, it's a struh-huglle. Also Laura is soundchecking now so if this is a sand clock the sand is running out of t-ihi-me.

I#m feeling so many emotions that I want to share with you

mostly neurosis things as we dont rocknroll anymore, we are mostly a neurosis driven band. I feel like chilly gonzales might be too ??? anyways I hear

Berlin, 10.12.2017

--- Amazing!

Now it took me three days to even finish this post. Right now we are taking a break in Berlin. I don't know where all this time is going. Our show in Dresden yesterday was insane. It was really insane. We were really happy. If you were there, let me tell you that we all had the most fun.

Maybe I'm too emo right now (off day blues) to finish this entry so I will give you something from our breakfasts and times in Heidelberg. It was amazing. We played a show in Heidelberg and then had an off day after (the MOST incredible off day you can ever imagine).

We were staying in an B&B that was located rather outside of the inner city of Heidelberg. Two incidents happened there that wouldn't and wont get out of my head. One time we were eating breakfast and there was a man sitting at the table to our right. He would not stop saying to the B&B staff "I still have to ask you the Polish question!!!" He said it repeatedly. I thought he was maybe even manager of the B&B until we found out he's just a nutter. He started asking us if we're a band and if he can find us on youtube. Then he told us he's a cabaretist (but not anymore) apparently there was more about a brother or girlfriend that died or mentioneing his therpaist who told him to not do comedy anymore. Anyways he really wanted the B&B stuff to let him ask "the Polish question".

I realyl was like wtf is this stupid polish question can u just ask

and it was some terrible comedy standup piece that was so bad I don't even remember what the Polish question was.

Brandon went to Berlin for work and Marco left us because he actually leads a real life with work he has to go to. We went to the waterslides.


Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-10 um 21.00.59.png

Yeah bruh

Laura Sally Deli and me went watersliding, thermal bathing and old penis watching in the Saunas for 6 hours. Wow we all felt so relaxed I only know of one other day in this year where I felt as much relaxation as that day and that was when I was at my grandparents place in Poland in the summer and on the fourth day of my stay I was doing something in their sunny garden and I my mind was clear and free of anything that floats around my head 24/7 other times.

Thank you waterslides!!!!! The waterslides were to trippy too! They had so many different colours and two of them literally had "rooms" in which you were thrown in with your inflatable doughnut and then you would eaither spin in circles for a while until it soaked you again down a rabbit hole in the middle of the room or let you twist back and fourth in this huuuge water halfpipe.

So the next morning at breakfast there were two eldery women sitting behind me. And the woman with the British accent was giving directions what to do in Heidelberg to the woman with the strong German accent. The woman with the British accent told her she should come home with her to set up an E-Mail account, since everyone in their surrounding tries to reach her but she never gets back to them. The woman with the German accent didn't seem convinced by that and said "I will go Christmas shopping, that will take up time, until I can visit her." Visit who? Are we near a jail or something? And why does the woman with the British accent know more about life in Heidelberg than the German lady? And why are they meeting in the B&B breakfast lobby? I'll let you have a dream about this.

Then we left, the B&B staff guy that had to listen to the Polish question started cleaning the room.

Let me just sleep better then the last dozen days i cant count i didnt sleep through to be more comprehensive next time


love and bussis