SHE SAYS: A couple of words about our new EP


SHE SAYS: A couple of words about our new EP

If you follow our online presence AT ALL, you probably saw that we are releasing new music (If not, check out the three songs we released so far: She Says, Zu Spät and Fake News).

To bring you all up to date: We have a new EP called „She Says“ coming out on April 5th 2019. So before the release (in 6 days!!!!), I thought it might be nice to share a couple of words about it. So here we go:


Okay elephant in the room, let's address you first. All I can say is: 2nd album pressure is real.

The success of our debut album „In My Head“ was so unexpected. And „success“ is a weird thing: Because as soon as you get more „successful“, you will be increasingly surrounded by people who are used to even bigger success than yours and who will, voluntarily or involuntarily, put your achievements „into perspective“ – their perspective that is.

I can only speak for myself here but all of this has been super hard on me.

Midway through our last festival summer, I struggled getting out of bed whenever we weren't on the road. Things were going great on the outside, but on the inside, we started arguing more and more with our team, and sadly also with each other. Suddenly it was hard to reach any common ground... so yeah, we definitely got a bit lost in the process. It also didn’t help to be the most sensitive person on the planet who gets deeply hurt by ANYTHING and NOTHING.

So these are some honest words about why everything has been taking SO FUCKING LONG. But with the release of this new EP, I hope we can FINALLY shake all that pressure off and look ahead into the future.

This is the EP cover we designed together our long friend and visual collaborator Marco Leitermann. He also shot the cover of In My Head.

This is the EP cover we designed together our long friend and visual collaborator Marco Leitermann. He also shot the cover of In My Head.


To me, our new EP „She Says“ is that cathartic moment. It's about building up the courage to say what you think. It's about female leadership. It's about tears instead of raising your voice or fist. It's about doing what feels right. It's about wanting to be heard. It's about wanting to be believed. It's about wanting to be listened to. It's about what she says, really.

So yes, maybe keep that in the back of your mind when you listen to the 7 songs we compiled on this record. I would love to get more into detail about what it was like recording the songs, the technical aspects of it, sounds we used, the songwriting, the lyrics etc. But I had to get the emotional part off my chest first.

I truly hope this record bring you the same relieve that it brings to me. Sometimes you need to say some stuff before you can move on. This record feels like that to me.

Header Picture by the amazing Miriam Marlene. Follow her on Instagram for more inspiration: @miriam_marlene


Festival Update: We met Dave Grohl. How do we meet Liam now?


Festival Update: We met Dave Grohl. How do we meet Liam now?

Wait a minute. We only have 3 (!) proper festival shows left? C/O Pop, Rockaway Beach & Lollapalooza and that's it?

If I can trust our Google Calendar (which by the way you never can), our festival season is really coming to an end. So I thought I'd sit down while the memories are still wild and fresh and tell you a bit about the happenings these past months.

Waiting to be released on stage at Rock am Ring, captured by the one and only Rowan Allen (@rowanallen)

Waiting to be released on stage at Rock am Ring, captured by the one and only Rowan Allen (@rowanallen)

Everything started at Pfingst Open Air on May 21st (and I already had to google image search this festival to revive my memory).

That was a bit of our warm-up show. A little reminder (shock?) that shows don't have to take place in gritty UK venues (read my tour diray of our tour with Shame here for more on that or just watch the documentary on youtube you lazy people). So it felt really nice to play out in the open again, in front of happy, sunburnt faces who don't need much convincing to have a good time. It's really hard to fuck it up with a crowd like this! We got the hang of it pretty fast again.

We met the German rapper Fatoni who shared a glass of post-show-whiskey with us at the hotel. He also saved me from a munchy-breakdown by telling me that there's a Mini Bar in the hotel room with Nussini chocolate bars. Didn't pay for them the next day at check-out! Rock'n'Roll!

Also at Rock am Ring, trying to play so loud that Damon can hear us... (Pic by Rowan Allen)

Also at Rock am Ring, trying to play so loud that Damon can hear us... (Pic by Rowan Allen)

GURR gets lost at Rock im Park

After this nice little welcome hug by Pfingst Open Air (& Immergut Festival!) we were pretty much slammed in the face by Rock im Park the following weekend.

Don't get me wrong, Rock im Park a great festival. We felt super honored to play there. We were on a bill with bands like Gorillaz and Foo Fighters. We were the last name on the poster but we were ON THAT THING!

The chaos started when I googled the distance to Rock im Park the night before and realized that we have to leave at 3 in the morning to make it to the festival on time. I brought the good news to our little GURR Group Chat where it was unhappily received by the others.

Sally and Andreya snoozing on the way to Rock im Park, captured as always by the mega talent Rowan Allen (have I mentioned that you should follow her on instagram already? Get on it now @rowanallen!)

Sally and Andreya snoozing on the way to Rock im Park, captured as always by the mega talent Rowan Allen (have I mentioned that you should follow her on instagram already? Get on it now @rowanallen!)

Obviously we arrived at the festival like a sleep-deprived, hangry zombie-band. We were greeted by a security guard who yelled at us for not having printed out our car pass. Failure number 2 and it wasn't even 10 o'clock.

It took us forever to find the right way to the stage. Eventually we arrived and tried to fit our little van in between all the nightliners and trucks from Gorillaz and Co. Time to go on stage: One hour.

We hectically set all our gear up, including these new, cool LED-lights we got for this festival season (see pic below). Only thing is that we had only set them up once before!

Needless to say it was a big shitshow. I think the crew was super mad at us for being so unprofessional, and we were super mad at them for treating us like we're being unprofessional.

Setting up our new LED lights on Rock am Ring Stage like the semi-professionals we are (Pic by Rowan Allen)

Setting up our new LED lights on Rock am Ring Stage like the semi-professionals we are (Pic by Rowan Allen)

As soon as we got on stage, we were alright! But it really hit us hard afterwards that we can't continue working the way we used to or we'll crash hard (and be on a blacklist by all festivals as the most chaotic band to have ever played there). So it was time to add more members to the Gurr Cart!

This is when Charley & Amande joined our team properly and became the saviors of the season.

Charley has become our designated driver, light-technician and guitar-tech who puts all my Jazzmaster Guitar strings on in different directions to keep me alert and sober before we play (JK, love you cha cha <3 <3).

Amande is the new brains behind the operation Gurr. She checks our travel times well in advance and even thinks about stuff like putting plastic bags over our pedal boards when there's a thunderstorm coming (genius, right?).

Last-minute-talk with guitar-master ChaCha (Follow him on instagram, too. He keeps a diary about his weekends with us called @mysummerwithgurr) – Pic by Rowan Allen

Last-minute-talk with guitar-master ChaCha (Follow him on instagram, too. He keeps a diary about his weekends with us called @mysummerwithgurr) – Pic by Rowan Allen

ok ok I'll get to the Dave Grohl part now!

We had time to breathe at Campus Festival in Konstanz before we were thrown back into the ring at Rock am Ring (I know, I can do better). Things went much smoother that day. We had learnt from most of our mistakes so we were in a celebratory mood afterwards.

(Our good mood definitely got amplified by our DJ set for Jägermeister that day. Maybe you've seen these gigantic deers they install at festivals? NO? You need to check this out here! And now imagine us DJing in this thing on the top floor! I won't go into details and just attach the rough playlist we played that day and leave the rest to your imagination...)

Boozed up, it became our goal to meet Dave Grohl! We didn't have seperate backstages so the Foo Fighters had to cross through the shared hallway before they went on stage. Andreya had seen Taylor Hawkings cycling through the catering area on a BMX bike. Clearly, the opportunity wasn't far.

After waiting for an hour, Andreya and Charley gave up and decided to look for a good place in the audience to see the show.

Sally and I were more dedicated (desperate!) so we strategically placed ourselves in a golf cart right in the corridor. Suddenly, the air got a bit tense, security guards were positioning themselves in the hallway and then these 5 guys walked out, led by DAVE GROHL.

Playing the gigantic Rock im Park stage where Damon Albarn later walked around in a yellow sweater, speaking German to the crowd! (Pic by Rowan Allen)

Playing the gigantic Rock im Park stage where Damon Albarn later walked around in a yellow sweater, speaking German to the crowd! (Pic by Rowan Allen)

Now there are so many ways this encounter could have gone wrong. I could have not said anything and regrettet it for the rest of my life. Or I could have said something extremely stupid and regrettet it for the rest of my life.

To my amazement though, nothing went wrong. Dave Grohl is the easiest person to talk to. I could've chatted with him forever, if he wasn't Dave Grohl and needed to play a show in front of 70,000 (?) people in like 10 minutes.

So here's a transcription of the 2-minute-conversation I had with him:

Dave Grohl: „A golf cart! Are you my ride?“

Laura Lee: (insecure laughter)

Dave Grohl: „I love your outfit! Double Denim!“

Laura Lee: (insecure laughter – synapses crashing – cannot process small talking with Dave Grohl): „I can't believe my band is playing on the same festival as you. I used to practice drums playing along to Nevermind...“

Dave Grohl: (hugs me) „I wish my daughter was as cool as you. She only listens to AC/DC...“

Laura Lee: (insecure laughter) „That's cool!“

Dave Grohl: (hugs me again) „I really love your outfit.“

AND THAT'S IT! They left and played in front of 70,000 people and I cried for a couple of hours and pretended I knew the lyrics to the Foo Fighters songs with Andreya and Charley (who are clearly the bigger fans and know the songs by heart).

At Rock im Park, releasing all the energy that's left on stage (Pic by Rowan Allen)

At Rock im Park, releasing all the energy that's left on stage (Pic by Rowan Allen)

... so yeah, this was our the first weekend! You still need to hear all the stories about the techno toilets at Fusion Festival, the power-outage at Immergut Festival, the best show we saw by Ty Segall, how we decided to camp throughout the whole MELT! Festival weekend and played our biggest show to date with Kraftklub at Wuhlheide. Not to mention our DJ set with Arcade Fire! But I will pause for now and sleep some more in the Flixbus that's taking me to my hometown – Bad Zwischenahn – where I will chill for a week and come up with good opening line for my small talk with Liam Gallagher at Lollapalooza. Maybe I'll complement him on his OUTFIT? If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to our youtube channel!


Tour Update: Gurr catches Swine Flu (and falls in love with UK plumber)

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Tour Update: Gurr catches Swine Flu (and falls in love with UK plumber)

Geez, we played 12 (!) shows already?? We are definitely overdue for an update about all our charity shop findings, digestion problems and romances with British plumbers. But let’s start from the top:  

One reason for our silence was simply a really nasty swine flu circulating in the Gurr van. So part of this tour was just packing in right after the show and then sneezing to sleep in a Travelodge Hotel Room (and who wants to read about that?). I think we had exactly two (!) nights where we all weren’t feeling super ill. So let’s start there and reminisce about the happy, healthy times, will we? 

Here's us about to go on stage in Liverpool, captured by the wonderful Rowan Allen (follow her on instagram, she makes the best stories @rowanallen)&nbsp;

Here's us about to go on stage in Liverpool, captured by the wonderful Rowan Allen (follow her on instagram, she makes the best stories @rowanallen) 

April 4th CARDIFF Clwb lfor Bach: Could Sascha Lobo be a bouncer in Wales? 

I still have no idea how you pronounce the name of this venue: Club for Back, maybe? Anyhow: Seems like the Welsh don’t speak Welsh either because I couldn’t find anyone in the smoking area who could teach me how to say „Hello, we’re Gurr!“and „Thank you“ in Welsh before our show. Shame on you, Welsh smokers! 

On the bright side, it was reeeeeeally good to re-unite with Shame. As you probably know, Shame joined us on our Germany tour last December and then embarked (their words, not mine) on a huge US Tour afterwards, driving through the desert for what looked like 12 hours a day in order to get to these obscure venues where American kids were screaming along to their songs. They also stayed with the Sinatras! But they should probably tell you all these crazy stories themselves (or you should read about them in this tour documentary published on Noisey). All I can say is: We were really happy to see them alive and well and felt so excited to support them for their sold-out-homecoming-tour!

Cardiff didn’t disappoint either: A group of girls continued to storm the stage (where a pissed off bouncer that looked like this German Internet-Journalist Sascha Lobo continued to throw them off again). Also, Shame singer Charlie Steen’s Velvet Underground shirt got stolen from the stage. We watched the entire Shame set standing on some chairs by the merch table, yelling out the lyrics, fingers pointing in the air and bounced away all the lower back problems we might have gotten from the 3-day-car-ride it took us to get us here. Good times, indeed!

The moment my skirt ripped, captured by Bethan Miller (follow her on Instagram @bethanmillerco)

The moment my skirt ripped, captured by Bethan Miller (follow her on Instagram @bethanmillerco)

April 5th BRISTOL Thekla: Where Green Bananas are a sign of love 

Okay so let’s see what I actually remember from this night… We played on a boat. We stayed with Rowan Allen (whose pictures you probably saw on our Instagram account at some point). We had green bananas in the backstage. Is that it already? 

Ah no, I DO remember watching the entire Shame set from the side of the stage and being so blown away by the excitement of the crowd… and I won’t keep this from you: I actually cried a little. I hope it didn’t show up on any of the insta stories of the influencers attending the show. But it was so beautiful to see so many people shouting back the lyrics, yelling the boys’ names in-between songs, … it was like watching a Backstreet Boys concert but with good music! As somebody who has made the irrational decision to dedicate her life to guitar music, it was just really heartbreaking to see that kind of music having such a big spot in people’s life *emotional interlude over* 

What came afterwards was – you guessed it! – a pretty heavy party night that lasted until 4 or 5 in the morning. Not an easy time to accomplish in England where pubs close at 2 AM. And if Andreya hadn’t dragged me out of the apartment we eventually ended up at – who knows? I would probably still be there (and so would Brandon who snoozed through the whole party on a beanie bag to all our amazement). 

I also want to take a minute to apologize to all the neighbors in Bristol who I woke up by singing S Club 7 on the streets at 2 in the morning. 

Unfortunately couldn't find a picture of Bristol. But here's what you can imagine me talking about it looks like. Preaching to the crowd in Manchester, probably about something concerning Oasis. Captured by Rowan Allen.&nbsp;

Unfortunately couldn't find a picture of Bristol. But here's what you can imagine me talking about it looks like. Preaching to the crowd in Manchester, probably about something concerning Oasis. Captured by Rowan Allen. 

April 18th LONDON Electric Ballroom: Rolling through the roundabouts

Okay okay, I’m fast forwarding here… a little bit. But if I don’t wrap this up soon, I will throw up in the car because we are driving through a roundabout every 10 seconds. We are still in Britain, if you believe it or not! 

Will try to fill you in about all snotty noses and love stories in Liverpool, Dublin, Sheffield, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, Leicester & Birmingham soon. Or maybe Andreya will… Also, I hope Andreya picks up her computer soon, because she has a whole book to write by now about bed bugs, what they are doing in Sheffield Charity Shops and how to evict them from your clothes when you are a touring musician. 

And for everyone that kept on reading just to find out about that British plumber: He really does exist! He lives in Birmingham. He asked us existential questions this morning during breakfast and he fixed the toilet of our AirBnB half an hour before we had to leave anyway, while listening to „Moby Dick“. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this man? 

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Our favorite moments of 2017

Our favorite moments of 2017

As some of you might know, this year has been a bit mental for us. So this task is just as overwhelming as you can imagine but I wanted to try it anyway because CLICKBAIT??? JK. Just a little sentimental reminiscing...

But before I get down to the real thing I need to write a proper DISCLAIMER which is: I probably forgot a looooot of stuff. Andreya can second that I tend to be super forgetful. I usually forget the name of the promoter exactly the second after he said it, but I'm still convinced he's called „Alex“ or „Peter“ and confidently call him that all night until Andreya calls me out on it. So from the bottom of my heart: I'm really truly sorry for everything/-one/-situation I forgot, so please don't be mad. I haven't forgotten you in my guilty sub conscience.

ALRIGHT, OKAY, let's start this thing.

1. November 9th 2017, Dresden DJ NIGHT

What the hell happened that night? I don't know. Andreya was outside partying when it was already time for our DJ slot and I almost got a bit mad at her (but not really because I love her) and when she finally came she was a bit tipsy and in a party mode – like the sort of party mode you sense immediately in your best friend's evil gaze and you know: SHIT IS GOING DOOOWWWWN. So she joined me on the DJ booth and it took forever to connect our laptops because of AUX CABLE ARMAGEDDON, but we finally got it to work and then we blasted Franz Ferdinand, Maximo Park and Arctic Monkeys until the morning hours and had the worst hangover afterwards for our off day that made me terribly terribly sick and I was sick for the whole last week of tour because of that stupid night (we usually never party/drink on tour for this exact reason) – but hey, it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Unfortunately, there is no picture of our DJ action (but imagine it to look something like the title picture of this blog post), but here is a picture of what I felt like the day after, captured by Marco Leitermann.

Unfortunately, there is no picture of our DJ action (but imagine it to look something like the title picture of this blog post), but here is a picture of what I felt like the day after, captured by Marco Leitermann.

2. December 3rd, Gaukurin (Iceland)

So that whole Iceland trip was amazing because you know why? Andreya did alllll the planning for it. I have a bit of guilty conscience about it obviously because I should've helped out, but I gotta admit it FELT REALLY GREAT, so this is also my thank you post it for that, Dre Dre <3 Anyhow, the reason why this show at Gaukurinn was my favorite was because I CROWDSURFED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE. PS: Andreya crowd surfed for the first time* on our previous performance in Iceland which was IN A RECORD SHOP. IN A RECORD SHOOOOOPPPPP! There wasn't even a stage there. She just got lifted up by the audience and crowd surfed through the shelves with CDs and records in them. Priceless.

*from the stage (she obviously crowd surfed before as an audience member because she's a PUNK)

Here you see me at a time when I had already perfected the crowdsurf in Amsterdam: Straight legs, wide arms, in a dress! (Picture by Rowan Allen)

Here you see me at a time when I had already perfected the crowdsurf in Amsterdam: Straight legs, wide arms, in a dress! (Picture by Rowan Allen)

3. November 16th, Crofters Right, Newcastle (UK)

I can only explain half of the reasons why this was one of the best nights of the year (I'll tell you the rest of it when you are older, I promise). But here are the legal reasons why it was simply the best:

a) because we sold an INSANE amount of tickets in Newcastle on our pre-sale and nobody really understands why

b) because the whole crowd SAT DOWN with us for one of our songs and I almost peed my pants because I thought it was so funny and absurd.

c) because we stayed with Larry the Dog that night. No further explanation needed.

If Andreya and I had a baby I am sure it would look like Larry the dog.

If Andreya and I had a baby I am sure it would look like Larry the dog.

4. December 4th O2 Halle, Heidelberg

CAN I JUST SAY HOW MUCH I LOVED ANDREYA THAT NIGHT? Maybe I can show you in a video of a dog that pees, because he's so happy he sees his owner after 3 months. Dr. DRE, as I like to call her in these precious moments, was on FIRE! Her absolute best. If you weren't there you better hope there is a youtube video of this show. I cannot put into words what happened, but among my favorite moments was when she made the whole crowd shake hands and say „May Peace Be With You.“

Again: No picture of the actual Jesus Night but here is another moment of deep Andreya Love when she showed 6.000 Kraftklub Fans her butt (Picture by Philipp Gladsome).

Again: No picture of the actual Jesus Night but here is another moment of deep Andreya Love when she showed 6.000 Kraftklub Fans her butt (Picture by Philipp Gladsome).

5. Two weeks in September, UFO Studios Berlin

OKAY this is the cheesy bit and you can click away if you are not in the mood for sentimental stuff. For all you other lovebirds: We recorded a new album, in between tour, with close to no time to write new material with each other! Still, we managed to record a bunch of songs that make me really really proud. Also we somehow managed to convince a producer (from Brooklyn NY!!!) who was crazy enough to work with us. He had actual gold chains hanging around his neck, that's how cool he was.

This is me and Christina in the studio, probably editing out one of my drumming mistakes.

This is me and Christina in the studio, probably editing out one of my drumming mistakes.

And that, my friends, leaves me to a hopeful 2018. But before I take off to a fancy schmancy New Years Eve Party in Madeira Portugal (that's where I am at the moment if my everyday instagram stories haven't already told you so), I wanna tell you all that we are really thankful for your support throughout this year. We hope you continue to come to our shows, buy our merch, take selfies with us, write us instagram messages about what our songs mean to you, … because that is the fuel that keeps us going (and our broken hearts of course). WE LOVE YOU LOTS! Will cheers to you tonight at midnight, Gurrscouts! xxxxx

do you have face wipes?

do you have face wipes?

Münster, 07.12.2017

It's been a long, loooooong loooooooooooong time since I last set foot into this virtual realm.

Last date of a "zine" entry was June 23rd. Today is December 7th. We have been on tons of festivals and a support tour after and then started our own European tour right after - starting with Iceland Airwaves, going to Amsti, Paris, UK, Düsseldorf, Austria, Switzerland........... and now we're on tour in Germany. Am I going to write about every day?

Let me think about it for a second. Right now Brandon is checking is stand-tom so realistically I will have 10 more minutes so he can check his full set then 5 min until sally check's the bass and then 2 minz for Lauras guitar and then it will be my turn, so probably not. I will probably have even less time. As of right now, I am wasting time that I could have spent on telling you the secrets of German's n1 boy band Kraftklub or how cold Iceland really was and how many times I had to take antibiotics

Also, we have spent all of September in the practice room and studio in Berlin to work on our second alb um - so THATS whats UUUUUPPPP. If you hear new songs in our sets now that are not on Furry Dream and not on In My Head (as a super nice lady yesterday pointed out) it's our new babies. And she said she likes the new songs they are more "metal"

Rowan, who is the most badass photographer, is joining us on tour again. I don't know if you remember her back from Episode 5 "Gurr Goes to Latitude" where we brought her along after having met her at our show in Bournemouth. So she just asked if we have face wipes. This is literally the headline of this tour. The tour before was called "no beer / tee / or drink of your desire left behind". This tour does not have a name but do you have face wipes really breaks it down - at least for me, the most unorganized gurrscout in this travelparty.

Everyone brought along: a suitcase and a bag. Not only did I leave the suitcase I own in my old flat, I also broke it by not using it for a long time and also not caring it broke, so it's not usable. I also left my big backpack that my parents gave me. So I am travelling wiht a little Nike sports bag that people use for sports but I use for LIFE, and a grey tote bag, and then I have two little extra tote bags in case i feel like i wanna be organised. Like organise the tote bags in the big tote bags. A piggy commander tote bag and a blue tote bag. Once designated for holding my dirty laundry they now became home to various states of travelling: "stuff i take to the venue bag" "stuff I dont need bag" "stuff I dont need but put one item in there that i need so i do need to take the whole bag with me"

Guys, it's a struh-huglle. Also Laura is soundchecking now so if this is a sand clock the sand is running out of t-ihi-me.

I#m feeling so many emotions that I want to share with you

mostly neurosis things as we dont rocknroll anymore, we are mostly a neurosis driven band. I feel like chilly gonzales might be too ??? anyways I hear

Berlin, 10.12.2017

--- Amazing!

Now it took me three days to even finish this post. Right now we are taking a break in Berlin. I don't know where all this time is going. Our show in Dresden yesterday was insane. It was really insane. We were really happy. If you were there, let me tell you that we all had the most fun.

Maybe I'm too emo right now (off day blues) to finish this entry so I will give you something from our breakfasts and times in Heidelberg. It was amazing. We played a show in Heidelberg and then had an off day after (the MOST incredible off day you can ever imagine).

We were staying in an B&B that was located rather outside of the inner city of Heidelberg. Two incidents happened there that wouldn't and wont get out of my head. One time we were eating breakfast and there was a man sitting at the table to our right. He would not stop saying to the B&B staff "I still have to ask you the Polish question!!!" He said it repeatedly. I thought he was maybe even manager of the B&B until we found out he's just a nutter. He started asking us if we're a band and if he can find us on youtube. Then he told us he's a cabaretist (but not anymore) apparently there was more about a brother or girlfriend that died or mentioneing his therpaist who told him to not do comedy anymore. Anyways he really wanted the B&B stuff to let him ask "the Polish question".

I realyl was like wtf is this stupid polish question can u just ask

and it was some terrible comedy standup piece that was so bad I don't even remember what the Polish question was.

Brandon went to Berlin for work and Marco left us because he actually leads a real life with work he has to go to. We went to the waterslides.


Bildschirmfoto 2017-12-10 um 21.00.59.png

Yeah bruh

Laura Sally Deli and me went watersliding, thermal bathing and old penis watching in the Saunas for 6 hours. Wow we all felt so relaxed I only know of one other day in this year where I felt as much relaxation as that day and that was when I was at my grandparents place in Poland in the summer and on the fourth day of my stay I was doing something in their sunny garden and I my mind was clear and free of anything that floats around my head 24/7 other times.

Thank you waterslides!!!!! The waterslides were to trippy too! They had so many different colours and two of them literally had "rooms" in which you were thrown in with your inflatable doughnut and then you would eaither spin in circles for a while until it soaked you again down a rabbit hole in the middle of the room or let you twist back and fourth in this huuuge water halfpipe.

So the next morning at breakfast there were two eldery women sitting behind me. And the woman with the British accent was giving directions what to do in Heidelberg to the woman with the strong German accent. The woman with the British accent told her she should come home with her to set up an E-Mail account, since everyone in their surrounding tries to reach her but she never gets back to them. The woman with the German accent didn't seem convinced by that and said "I will go Christmas shopping, that will take up time, until I can visit her." Visit who? Are we near a jail or something? And why does the woman with the British accent know more about life in Heidelberg than the German lady? And why are they meeting in the B&B breakfast lobby? I'll let you have a dream about this.

Then we left, the B&B staff guy that had to listen to the Polish question started cleaning the room.

Let me just sleep better then the last dozen days i cant count i didnt sleep through to be more comprehensive next time


love and bussis



1 - we're flying to Ireland tomorrow

1 - we're flying to Ireland tomorrow

HALLO!!! At 3.30 am I will get up to catch an early morning flight to NOC which is in the west of Ireland and we're playing a festival called SEA SESSIONS.

This is how we imagine it, like an Ed Sheeran song.

We've been playing some Festivals lately and are ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH IT. For 2 or 3 days we feel like we matter and with the avid support of our life save Marco Leitermann we get up in the mornings to drive to another Germany city playing with the other German bands and are thankful for getting booked everywhere because obviously we kind of fall out of the german indie mainstream. We spend so much time on the road and I really like, like when marco leitermann is driving, i put on this song and he starts jamming:


At one of the Festivals Laura and Marco were dancing and shouting heavily to this German band who was once the trendy shit in the indie hype and they played their last show. Also, when we drove the car to the hotel, they BLASTED this song and screamed at the guitar player who was standing outside. i i was sliding down on my seat to not be recognized. there was a swimming pool at the hotel. marco leiterman said he went swimming but up until this day i am not sure if this was true or not. back at the festival, traumzeit festival, we drank moscow mules and hung out in the backstage of the bigger bands, like milky chance, and just hanging out until everyone left because thats how much we suck!


the weekend before we played kosmonaut festival. laura and I got soooo tired because we thought a moscow mule would help the mood but just made us tired. i took the initiative and put A LOT OF FOOD in my belly, they had really good catering, and stayed at the festival to catch this guy for example, who i didnt know, and now i pretend i'm a fan. dis is how the next gurr album is gonna sound:


so on tour a few things happened like i saw stonehenge out from the car window, the german band bilderbuch replied to an insta story of ours, arte tracks aired AND NOW AT KOSMONAUT i really managed to stay awake to walk to the drunken masters set and catch ALL OF MY FAVORITE HAYITI SONGS. hayiti is a german rap artist . i KNOW I SHOULD POST THE SONG WE LISTENED TO EMBARASSINGLY OFTEN yung hurns bianco but i won't instead i will post...... let me think. this one, because we stayed in this really nice hotel and it made me think of that one time i was touring with a band and slept in Antwerpen on an air mattress next to my friend and we tried not to move because the air was going out really quick but there was a cat who would jump on the mattress all night and we would rock back and forth while trying to sleep.

I love this because usually I try to make serious playlists with actual cool music but guess what i listen to all of this all the time. except the ed sheeran song maybs. Another guilty pleasure of us on tour is the new Katy Perry stuff. Also we recorded some songs for the Antikörper Session, a show on the hamburg based radio BYTE FM and one of them starts with some lyrics out of this song... yeah GAIIISSS:


ok so tomorrow morning we are flying to Ireland. This band here is so awesome they are helping us out with guitars and backline and wish us luck that easyjet will bless our hand luggage - guitars.


ANYWAYS we feel pretty weird in all of this touring cycle and there are so many cool shows we can announce soon which makes us really happy because we love music. So Laura and I are in the practice room every day from morning til afternoon to work on some shit and it's a real challenge, because the room doesnt have any windows. Also we're like with each other all the time and I know I have my moods really bad and am thanksful we somehow manage to bounce them off. thanks laura <3. so this song i listen too when i feel i was a shit person again:

 I guess because when we were in Brighton and we played this event of our distributor and it was only Laura and me and it was really busy day because I had to buy new underwear and we had a soundcheck in the morning and we went there and rhys, their drummer, gave us bananas and nuts so we wouldnt faint. I just reread this and thought I wrote "so we wouldnt fart". also legit


The last song is unrelated but I can see myself listening to this on the train to the airport tonight because Ive been listening to it all day and my flatmate and friend Roland, who is instagram famous and currently out singing karaoke, showed me this 2 days ago and I was like "yeah whatever" but then relistened and im BLOWN. it's really cheezy, and i like it.


UK Tour Diary 5: I definitely remember having Gelato

UK Tour Diary 5: I definitely remember having Gelato

Well hello there, finally we meet again.

This lazy bum over here waited 20 days to fill you in on the very exciting and also adventurous life that has been the last chunk of the UK Tour / beginning of the German Festival Summer (how uncool does that actually sound from 1 to 10 and yea dont really wanna know cuz we enjoy it actually acutally actually personally)


We had some off days after our crazy Thursday in Brighton. Laura flew to a wedding. Andreya flew home. Sals and Bra Bra stayed in the UK with their partners to enjoy the real British life. Laura and Andreya flew from Berlin to Reading (seperately, long story. not my fault). I can only speak for myself here and I just want to say that my backpack broke and I could only carry it on one shoulder and also that I had a very rough time in Berlin and barely slept but STILL made it to Reading like soft butter that would softly run over boiled eggs if both of them ever did that to each other.

Notable to that show, and I spare you dirty details that you will probably read in our autobiography in 10 years when we need money, was a crazy lady that danced very crazy during the yonaka set and then was thrown out of the venue. I think it was also because I saw a lot of people holding on to their bags very closely when they noticed she's in the room


Remember when we tried to have an off day at a beach site? And it failed? Because it had a street that eroded and you couldnt enter the shore? And a person we love nearly cried because it was disappointing?

Bournemouth made up for all of this. We had an off days at this beautiful naked woman I call the city of Bournemouth and we took the ferris wheel, where sally and I cried because we are afraid of heights, and we sat down at the beach and smoked.... and sang songs and then we ate TERRIBLE CURRY AGAIN!!!!! loved it.

mostly i loved that we met a girl called rowan allen who takes beautiful pictures and we will take her with us more often now.



This is a rough one. Although we have told this story to many of our friends now it's still pretty moving. A lot of times after this show, whenever we played Moby Dick with only two guitars, I got reminded of that moment and thrown back into that vulnerabilty. We got informed that our set falls into the time of a minute of silence and a minute of noise to remember the victoms of the terror attack in Manchester. We didnt really know what to do. But when it was 21.59 we still didnt know what to do. So we kind of said ok we're gonna do this and what should we do and let's all just sit down. And the whole room sat down with us. And everyone was completely silent. And something very strange hit us all i dont know I just really had to cry, and Laura too, who sat opposite to me. And when we got up my voice broke from crying and people started cheering and Laura started singing dont look back in anger but i dont really know the lyrics so i was just shouting i guess. dont remember. that was really beautiful.




then we partied until 5 in the morning. i guess there was something we had to release.



All I remember is that I thought I couldn't play a show at 3pm and everyone still felt drunk. Turned out to be one of the funnest and best shows, we definitely paid a price - Laura and I became the queen of snots. Just really gross. Sore throat. But I thought I'm just gonna ignore it and so forth I lived.



I think this is where the fuck up happened. Oh no actually I started the fuck up in Bristol and then Karma continued. So when very hungover I book our hotel room. For the wrong day. And there was nothing available in Bristol. So we stayed somewhere on the way to Nottingham. Then Laura forgot to leave the room key with the hotel. So after our Nottingham set we drove back to the hotel near Bristol and then all the way to London. And in between we played a set and ate goat with rice, except Laura who is vegetarian and ate a veggie wrap. We ate Gelato! Salted caramel. I didn't like mine. Otherwise I had a very nice day.


Laura and I spend our off day sick and ill and in the studio! We were invited for a test recording at a studio in Soho and recorded a new track, which went away nicely and we talked and recorded and sat in the studio basement for 7h until we ran out of Aspirin and then we went to Jamie Olivers restaurant because when it was our birthday our label angel Grant Box and his crew gave us a voucher for the restaurant. We went there in hoodies and caps because we were gross and ill and I wiped my nose in this restaurant like there was no end BUT THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD!!!! thank you. the only thing that made us wonder was why there were crisps with the potatos.

Our show was really cool but really dont know what else to write because every show is us playing music and i dont wanna bore you with the details about how brilliantly I played those power chords. However, our booker jamie showed up and told me I should rub garlic on my feet to get rid of my cold! he wasnt joking. but i didnt do it.

Last day in London we had an off day and met friends and just hung out in the city which was nice. Then we drove to.............



We played a headline show in Bielefeld, a festival in Lüneburg and Beverungen. The Bielefeld show was crazy because THE CATERING WAS SO NICE and we met German fans which made us realize we actually have been around as a band before going to the UK. Lüneburg was very drunk but very beautiful and Marco joined us and he is the sweetest. Beverungen was very hungover but the sweetest people and a beautiful end of this mothereffing 35 day long tour - very beautiful. "you guys look rough today" said my friend eva, but we only partied twice hard on this tour, and then we drove home to berlin on the same day, and I came home and realized my subletter hasnt packed up his things yet. shruggie



photo credit Laura Gertken

first picture of gallery karsten hohage

last photo rowan allen


UK Tour Diary 4:  talking food sex rocknroll

UK Tour Diary 4: talking food sex rocknroll

Hey Folks 

UK Tour is going strong so far. We have the best time, which I personally think is CRAZY because today marks DAY 21 of tour (update May 23rd: sry I wrote this actually some days ago, now it's been longer but nice to see i was so excited).... What the actual fuck. Laura and mine and Brandon's longest tour was 19 days. We officially surpassed that one tour where we thought it's easy breezy to drive and play in Germany Austria Switzerland and Italy in 19 days. At least now it's 21 days in UK. 

What's been going on? Last time (blog entry) we were in Oxford. So. 

We realized handing out Flyers DID help. Anyways let's start in Guildford. As always only the Highlights except you want 13 sentences about how the middle seat in the car sucks because your knees get stiff and there's only cold air coming from the bottom.


We met Poppy and her friend after the show and Laura invented her new favorite swear word called Fickschnitzel and let them learn it and then they took a thousands of snapchat selfies with us but we don't even use snapchat anymore I think. Also I got ID'd in the supermarket and didn't have it on me and had to walk away like i'm 14 years old which I might be.


Wowsa Plymouth was so pretty with its harbor (it's actually called something else but I always refer to it as a harbor. Always. Like the many times of the year I'm in Plymouth). We played with Young Adventurers, and it so happens that our friend Lande's sister is playing bass! So Lande from Muncie Girls came by too which was super cool because she's smart and funny and the most badass person anyways so check them out. We slept at her friend's Rory's place in Exeter and then went to the most impressive Wetherspoons called The Imperial which looked IMPERIAL. 


I have to admit I had a minor anxiety attack in Birmingham because of reasons that are only in my head and irrational. If anyone has good advice for calming yourself down when you're spiraling down stupid thoughts, let me know. Birmingham was the most beautiful venue ever. It looked like, I'm quoting Laura here, a Cuban Speakeasy. Plants and fabric on the ceilings everywhere. It' sooooo prettttyyyyy.... Birmingham was the first time I smoked weed because I never do because somehow hate it and don't understand it (maybe because it doesn't do much to me) and then at midnight Arne Sally Brandy I went to a chicken place that had 10 employees and no customers. It was super gross fried chicken with mint mayo which was gross to but we loved it. Later at night I felt like I hurt my body from the inside. We slept in a hostel room that held 6 people and we are 5. But when we came in we saw a foreign suitcase under a bed. And this was the beginning of one of our unruliest nights - a random drunk guy and his friend stumbling in and out of the room. We shrugged it off the next day by booking a Ibis Budget hotel room, run by our friend Gabi Ibis's Dad.


LEEESSSSTTTEEERRRR What a venue! So fresh and hip and clean! Yonaka had single release that day. We met someone from Vienna. Hi there! She's gonna come to Nottingham to, where we play Dot to Dot Festival.


This was the weirdest so far. It was so weird. Everything was weird on stage, we had some monitor problems and I stumbled over everything and then Laura tried to do some guitar moves which i didn't understand and i just put my butt in her body and she tripped/fell over me, I was under her, she fell into the drums. Proper Gurr show tho.


We booked a trailer at the Sea one hour away from York, which was the date after our off day. It's like American suburbia just in an English trailer park. 

What was then???? Let me check the calendar.

It's May 23rd now and I am in a Starbucks (hit me) in READING and I made it here all by myself, after some really weird/eventful days in Berlin and my backpack strap broke which I actually only realized this morning - I mean i realized I now have to take it back like this. 


was the best. There is nothing more to day (until I will talk about the great escape show which was then the best). We saw Marika Hackman play, who performed under the secret name "talentless skanks" and we didn't know the band before, so we were 100% mind blown because they are aw-e-soöm--m-e-e-e-e-e-.



This will feature a special headline just because I want to and this blog entry is already super long AND I am too lazy to put in pictures so I make it a lil adventurous like this.

Brighton oh brighton. When Laura and I were small little puppies and tried to think what to do in our very first semester break we booked flights to the UK. In Brighton we stayed the longest and we've returned. Because the town is so charming and cool. It just has the best vibe. Actually after that trip we started Gurr. So for us it was a little trip down memory lane / throwback to our honeymoon. I had so much BOCK for Great Escape because we were only playing Thursday and then also 4 shows.


9am  soundcheck. Lord knows how we did this after "sleeping" in the luxurious hostel called grapevine seafront aka cat brothel. 

9.30 soundcheck goes well and we are all super excited for the day

11 am laura and andi are buying underwear / other stuff because tour

1 pm laura and andi are playing at the Red Eye Distribution party at the blue man and are meeting Gothic Tropic the most loveliest/funniest musicians. Laura and Andi pee their pants so hard because it's a stripped down set and they mostly play new songs and that was very hard.

1.30 Laura and Andi drink a cider

3.30 Laura and Andi go to Sticky Mikes to meet Sally and Brandon. 

3.30 We play the show, right before they play Paramore's "Hard Times" which I first hated but now love

4.00 the show is fukien insannnnneeeneneneenen thanks to all the German Popbüros for inviting us

5.20pm Soundcheck at The Green Door Store. Seeing Gothic Tropic again because we all play the cool venues.

6 pm Interview with Amazing Radio

7.15 pm We run to The Joker to play the Teen Creeps show . we get electrocuted by the microphones which is unacceptable. Guys get your sound shit straight, really.

9.15 pm We play at the Green Door store. It's cramped and full and sweaty and hot and we play like we've been playing for 21 days and then 4 times a day which we did. It was really good (i hate saying that because it sounds shit but I didn't hit a wrong note, thats my achievement). When we had to cut the set short because WE TALKED SO MUCH LIKE WE THOUGHT ITS FUNNY AND SO ON the crowd was on our side. But the venue didn't give a shit (of course, thats cool)


Midnight   Laura went to bed because she went to a wedding the next day. I went to Karaoke with sals her BF brandon and his GF. I signed up for Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl. The band SLOTFACE was playing as a live backing band. After the second beer I felt I couldn't do it anymore, I was so so s os os os sososososososoosososo exhausted. Sally and her BF told me the next day that 5 mins after i left my name was called.





ok there was no food or sex in this blog i mainly wrote it as a clickbait

trying out different clickbaits

maybe will go into social media advising soon

Today we play reading


if you really read all of this god bless you and i hope you will have a brilliant day. now let me look for a fffff foto for the header. 





UK Tour Diary 3: Street-Team, Surprises, Boobs

UK Tour Diary 3: Street-Team, Surprises, Boobs

Hey Babes,

this is what we've been up to AS MUCH AS I MIGHT REMEMBER wrong or right


We met two young student bois outside after the show who actually had to study for exams but came to the show and then became fans - they said they couldnt imagine anything better than going on tour in a TINY van (guys i still have to show you the penis picture we should take with yonaka cuz their van is awesome, and ours like a small poop LOL) but then we told them about constipation and public restrooms

(wow did I ever tell you about the most terrible toilette i've ever seen - Sally and I had to pee really bad on the Autobahn and we went to one of these German "u shall never go there" restrooms on parking spaces and one of the cabins looked like something really really bad you wanna make unseen but you can't except with laughing really hard... it was a feast and explosion of semi solid poop all over the three squaremeters. fucking insane)


We had the worst Curry of our lives for an insane mount of money (Preis Leistungs Verhältnis) the guy forgot the RICE and the curry looked like something a baby would shit (same consistency). was lying heavy in our stomachs, I didnt really touch mine. then we drank bad red wine but a guy bought us a round of Jägerbombs, which I didnt realize is a Jägerbomb. It was a really fun show.


Now I really gotta get it together. I think we made a really good joke "Is Damon Albarn from St. Albans?"


Bedford, oh Bedford. We had a surprise visit from Benny from Berlin because we stole his Boyfriend to go on tour with us. We had a super fun night with Yonaka and now that we know all their lyrics by heart could also embarrassingly shout them. After that we went to a gay bar to sing karaoke which we thought was really good until the next days instagram story recap should teach us a lesson. Major fun. First night in a Travellodge; next day we sat in an Italian place and the woman from the registration sat next to us.


Laura and I were like "let's poster and flyer around" so we went to a copy shop and made some flyer and posters and hung them illegally just like a proper Banksy and then we went around to annoy the shit out of people. Seriosuly did you ever make a facebook sponsored post? in real life it all gets back to you.

Us: "HEY" (big smile) we're playing a show tonight at the Cellar, we came all the way from Berlin!

Person: no thank u

As the only person in the group I got pretty drunk because I don't know but after Yonaka was shining with screaming 99 Luftballoons we took them on stage for hollaback girl and then a lot of girls followed and jumped with us on stage.


Here are two pictures I found nice, the first one is for every single person that called me flat chested in the past or no-boob-girl or was shittily saying how i cant have cleavage like just look at my boob here please. Second is of crazy little party girl Laura who i love dearly and she's at a formal dinner with Kim right now, where a choir singing or something and then everyone eats and laughs really loud sometimes when you say something dry or polite or you just mistake one for another.

Tomorrow we are in GUILDFORD and it will be a blast like always. A lot of love. This is a really fun tour. I'm trying to bleach my tips right now. I sit on an air mattress. Listening to new HEKLA album. Credit: Mc Kay Photography





UK Tour Diary 2: hot new shit in Newcastle, Leeds, Glasgow and Roundabouts

UK Tour Diary 2: hot new shit in Newcastle, Leeds, Glasgow and Roundabouts

Ay mate

don't know if this is how people greet each other here but I am guessing. We've done three lil shows in the last days. Generally. You can imagine, just as in Germany or the States, the UK has its entirely own music scene. Indie music here is BIG. So when in Germany crap bands like die Lochis (are they a band?) are winning music awards, here it's effin amazin bands (most of the time). In Newcastle, Leeds and Glasgow we played Festivals. The best occasion to dip into what's hip and trending right now in the UK, and it's crazy.

We told you guys we went to see the Sleaford Mod's documentary, which is already a good example- It's brillian and it got big, I really can't see that happening in Germany. In Newcastle we played Hit the North Festival. After, we went to check out... wait I actually have memory loss. Ah no, we went to check out Ulrike Spacek, Laura's new favorite band. They are uh-mazeing. Check it here:


Then, Brandon Sally and I tried to catch our catering food, burritos. But we arrived 1 minute too late (literally) and they claimed to "have run out of food". So we ate Subways on a Cathedral's steps. It was gross and I shall never sin again.

Then we went to meet the others and suddenly a SWARM of SUPER YOUNG super naked and wasted and crazy teenagers is hitting us - walking away from the big 02 academy concert thingy. And then we heard Laura and Arne saying "omgggg this was crazzyyyy the crowd went nuuuuts was so crazzyyy" so this is the hippest band right now in the UK - SLAVES.


In Leeds we played at Live at Leeds and saw Temples (which everyone knows.) in a church, and that was truly an experience. Before that, everyone else checked out Magic Gang, which I personally don't like, but I'm trying to stay objective of course, so here you go:


We played at Brudenell Social Club and there were other nice bands to catch. For example Dream Wife:


and Moonlandingz


In GLASGOW we said hi to cows next to a gas station and enjoyed the insane landscape of vast green deserts with baby sheep and old sheep. We enjoyed the Glasgow dialect, Glasgow sun but truly had the best time at Stag & Dagger Festival. We played the venue Broadcast and it was the best fit and the funnest show so far, regardless the feedback on stage that seems to follow us around these days.



We caught Girl Ray after us and danced.... They are so cool and I tried to convince Laura that I fully believe the singer sounds like an UK Nico, which she just responded to with a smile (like "ja ja") BUT I SWEAR LIVE IT EVEN SOUNDS MORE LIKE NICO.


Hightlight of the night was not Gold Panda, whose show was sadly barely attended and also a little weird, but HMLTD were the queens and kings of the night. IF YOU EVER HAVE THE CHANCE TO CATCH THEM DO IT DO IT WITHOUT HESITATION


Driving out of Glasgow, I shit you not, we probably drove at least 15 roundabouts. Hence, I find them noteworthy in the headline.

Today we play Cambridge.

Talk to you soon


UK Tour Diary 1: Sheffield, or home of Robin Wood

UK Tour Diary 1: Sheffield, or home of Robin Wood

Hi, this is Andreya. We thought i'd be nice to use this ZINE to update y'all how our tour is going, since on the poster it just looks like GURR UK TOUR - so here we're filling the blanks and don't care for proper punctuation. 

After three days of driving (Berlin - Frankfurt, Frankfurt - London, London - Sheffield), 27 pee pee breaks and a sea sick ferry later we arrived in Sheffield for our first show! The Picture House used to be a storage for furniture and has been transformed to a cultural space, holding a movie theater and a venue/ pizza place / bar in one. It looks a little run down - because the city is actually interested in tearing it down. But the Sheffield's volunteers are building up the space. 

So yesterday we arrived in the cold, couldn't open any doors, snuck in the back entrance and loaded in. We met the Yonaka people, which were reaaaalllyyy nice, which is already a good sign for this tour, and hung out in the cold backstage (not as cold as the backstage in Brighton, which - i am sure - must have been actually a meat freezer or something):


After some ping pong and Pizza we had one of the most tiring soundchecks, but then most fun show, because a lot of things went wrong (my pedals went off, Laura's strap fell, there was feedback on the stage, no monitors) so we just started laughing about it and enjoying the randomness of things (life). And we met Charlotte from The Subways and her husband again - she has seen us in Salzburg (she was DJing after our show) and lives in Sheffield - we were super surprised and happy she came to see us!!. 

Now, Laura and Arne - who is our tour manager/merch/FRIEND/driver on tour - are off to Chesterfield's countryside to explore it with Charlotte, while Brandon is sleeping on the floor (it's 2pm) and Sally and I are in the kitchen doing Laptop-stuff. 

Today we have an off-day, so later we will go and see the Sleaford Mods documentary "Bunch of Kunst" by Christine Franz, who also did the Arte Tracks piece on us that will be shown on...wait for it..... Arte! in May!  

Tomorrow we play Newcastle!

PS: Sheffield, home of Robin Wood? Because Robin Hood's actual overweight evil twin brother was leaning against the crooked tower of Chesterfield back in the days and ever since then Sheffield was known to be home of Robin Wood.

Super delayed SXSW Diary & Playlist

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Super delayed SXSW Diary & Playlist

I know this festival was lightyears ago, but somehow I'm still digesting all the new music (& tacos) we enjoyed during our 7 days in Texas – so I decided I'm just going to dedicate our first blogpost to the week of craze at SXSW (or South By South Bonkers as our dear friends from Sun and the Wolf have creatively named the festival).

Overall, my expectations of SXSW were pretty low. First and foremost because of all of these immigration-horror stories we heard beforehand. But then I also had these nightmare-visions of us, running like burnt-out turtles with guitars on our backs from one gig to the next, just to avoid traffic jams, only to find out the venue does not have amps or drums for us.

Luckily, we made it past border control, weren't forced to play any (unwanted) acoustic sessions and – surprise – had a really, really good week in Texas! Overall, our week at SXSW was way more relaxing than our normal tour life (more on this topic here) and we could discover new music of bands that for some strange reason flew under our radar beforehand (or just hadn't made it to Berlin yet).

So here's my best polaroids of us bumming out in Austin, together with my favourite songs that stuck with me waaay past SXSW – all available in this "SXSW Nostalgia Spotify Playlist". Enjoy :)

1. Charly Bliss – Ruby

I kind of fell in love with this band without having heard one song. They played right before us at a dive bar called "Hole in The Wall". Somehow they found out we were the German bums that didn't have any amps us. So they approached us with these huge smiles and offered we could play over theirs. How can you not love this band already?

When I heard their set, I was really blown away by the singer's unique voice! They have a very cool 90s Alternative Sound – but the right kind of 90s Alternative – think: Weezer, The Cardigans and The Breeders!

2. PWR BTTM - Dairy Queen

A few nights ago, I had a dream about this band: We saw them in Paris and everyone left after their last song because they needed to smoke a cigarette (Paris – duh!). So only Andreya and I stuck around in front of the stage and they played an encore only for the two of us which was – wait for it – "Ain't no easy way out" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club ... with 2 drum sets.

None of these things would actually happen, that is people leaving during a PWR BTTM show and PWR BTTM covering, what is in my opinion, the worst BRMC song. But I could actually see them using 2 drum sets because they pull of really, really ballsy Rock'n'Roll Riffs.

3. NE-HI – Palm of Hand

I really went nuts with instagram stories during SXSW, sharing all our exciting daily highlights – from the moment we woke up to the moment we fell asleep! Needless to say, I was really proud of myself ... until Ben from PWR BTTM smashed my social media confidence and said: "No band uses instagram stories here to connect with others so you really need to spice up your band's twitter account!"Since then we are trying to tweet at what seems to be the only two German bands active on twitter (big thanks to @judithholofernes and @turbostaat).

HOWEVER: I found out about this band by stalking Pitchfork's instagram stories! I can't believe I hadn't heard about them before. They are exactly my kind of music and remind me of this band I was really crazy about a couple of years ago called Women. Anybody? Yes? No? Okay.

4. Ratboys - MCMX + Not Again

I started talking to Julia from Ratboys at a party and five minutes later, Andreya bought everyone vodka shots and we all laughed about a Texas gas station chain called Buc-ee's. So yes, needless to say, we found our SXSW-soulmates and wanted to have their babies.

The next day, we saw them play in a backyard in North-West Austin (?) on a super sunny day and were really, really amazed! Listening to this song makes me go back to this happy-place, hanging out in a backyard with lots of dogs and hipsters who pinned rules-of-consent on a garden shed and give away free PBR beer. Isn't this everybody's happy place?

5. White Reaper - Pills

This was the last band that played at the Stereogum show at Hole in Wall. We were so relieved after our gig and just stormed to the front and danced manically. I think Scott from Stereogum took a video called "Gurr starting the moshpit to White Reaper". I really love how this band pairs Garage Rock with the coolest synthie sound. Our British label manager said afterwards he had to leave during their set though because he couldn't stand the singer's fake British accent, which I found hilarious.

6. Mothers - It hurts until it doesn't

I think Andreya and I tried to see Chastity Belt twice during SXSW but always missed them. The first time was at the She Shred Stage - a super cool magazine focussing on female guitarists. We got a (free) beer and stuck around to give the next band a listen and really, really loved it! They pair these lovely, dreamy "Real Estate" guitar riffs with Angel Olson-like vocals. It's pretty gloomy so I can't listen to the whole record, but throw in a couple of songs into your playlists and you're not going to feel too emo!

7. Hand Habits – Book on how to change

This was the last band I saw at the festival before boarding the plane back to Berlin the next morning. Meg Duffy from Hand Habits puts on a really laid-back performance so it felt like the perfect, gloomy end to an intense week. But somehow I can't listen to more than 2 Hand Habits songs back to back here in Berlin without breaking out sobbing. Maybe it's the lack of sunshine – or just my sensitive Pisces-soul – so yes: You've been warned! Take it easy with this one.

8. Real Estate – Darling

Okay, okay, you probably all know Real Estate and it's not necessarily a band you want to see at SXSW. But since I never ever saw them live before (but have tried to play their guitar riffs since I'm a litlle girl), I actually saw a total of two (2!) Real Estate shows during SXSW. Geek!

The first one was at a corporate event of a big Japanese car company (Was it Honda? Mazda? Toyota? I forgot.) where they absolutely BOMBED. The sound was terrible, they were visibly uncomfortable on stage – and I was really uncomfortable, as well, having forced my two friends to squeeze all the way to the front with me and then looking at their disappointed faces.

So I saw them again, this time alone, the next day at an air-conditioned convention center which had even less atmosphere than the corporate car event, but at least the sound was amazing and I geeked out hearing the full album before it's official release the next day! It's not their best record but I have found my 3 favorite goosebump-songs (Stained Glass, Darling, and Same Song).

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               This is an online zine filled with stuff we did, we like, we want to talk about. Enjoy!